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Paddle North Karve Kayak XL


  • Price: $1,399.00
  • Item: Paddle North Karve Kayak XL
  • Model Number: Karve Kayak XL
  • Length: 14'
  • Width: 33"

The Kayak is a tandem, two person kayak supporting up to 600 lbs. Which makes it great for fishing, recreational paddling, exercise, and exploring. Bring a dog or fishing gear and go with its collapsible design and included roller bag.


Tracking:  Tracking is the holy grail of paddling and is the primary focus of the Kayak. From it’s aggressive displacement hull shape to the 12” removable fin – this kayak tracks extremely straight.

Balance: At 14′ x 33” x 17”, this board is well balanced to handle extreme water resistance and paddler weight up to 600 lbs.

Durability: The kayak is inflatable, but doesn’t feel like it. It’s extremely rigid and forgiving on the water. Backed by our full 2-year warranty.

Lightweight: 44 lbs. For this size of Kayak, it is extremely light.

Storage: Water resistant storage under front and rear cover.



  • x2 Karve Kayak Attachable Comfort Seat
  • x1 Detachable fin
  • x1 Heavy Duty Bag. Complete With Padded Shoulder And Waist Straps, Roller Wheels And Pn Patch Display
  • x1 Dual Stage Manual Pump
  • x 2 Collapsible Aluminum Kayak Paddle