What’s so Special About Yamaha Outboard Motors?

Whether you’re in Lake Michigan or the Atlantic Ocean, Yamaha outboard motors stand a cut above the rest. Created in 1960 Japan, Yamaha outboard motors have been making waves across the world for decades since.

But what is it about Yamaha brand outboard motors that make them so special? After all these years, why do new and experienced boaters both still prefer them? In this month’s blog post, we aim to answer that question. Today, we’ll be discussing exactly what it is that makes Yamaha outboard motors so special.

Industry-Defining Power

Between their size and efficiency, Yamaha outboard motors are some of the most powerful you can buy for the price. Most commonly available in 225, 250, and 300 HP designs, these motors are designed for nearly any type of boating you’ll be doing.

On top of that, models such as the Yamaha V6 Offshore have integrated digital electric steering, making them just as responsive as they are powerful.

Unmatched Reliability

In addition to their power, Yamaha outboard motors are famed for their robust and reliable design. According to Yamahaoutboardmaintenance.com, you can expect your Yamaha to last you between 1,500 and 3,500 hours before needing replacement or a major repair.

On average, your regular recreational boater usually clocks in about 50-100 hours of boating per year. That means it’s surprisingly common that people who buy a Yamaha Outboard when they’re 40 are still using it well into their 60s.

You should also know that it’s generally recommended that you maintenance your Yamaha outboard motor once every 100 miles or so. As a result, we recommend that most boat users who get about 100 hours of use out of it every season service it before the summer begins. You should wait until after the winter because long periods of disuse can take a toll on outboard motors, and you may end up having to service it twice a year if you don’t hold off.

Suffice it to say, Yamaha outboard motors are some of the best motors on the market today. Between their wide availability, their high horsepower, and their decades of reliable use, it’s no wonder why the world prefers Yamaha.

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