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Paddle North Utility Dock


  • Price: $699.00
  • Item: Paddle North Utility Dock
  • Model Number: Utility Dock
  • Length: 9'
  • Width: 6'

It’s robust, rigid, and ready for any body of water. The Utility Dock will provide you and your family infinite possibilities for fun on the water.

  • Anchor it as a swim raft out on the lake all season.
  • Tow it at an idle speed behind the boat, then use it as a sun deck out at the sand bar.
  • Connect it to your dock to create a user friendly, water level launch point for kayaks, paddle boards or jet skis.
  • Set up as a patio on the water to relax in chairs, sun tan, fish, improve your yoga poses, or even eat lunch.
  • Recreate your kitchen table in waist deep water for card games, happy hour, fish stories and more.
  • Flip it over, soap it up and slip-and-slide all day long.
  • Bring tools to wash your boat, work on the engine or set you boat lift in place.
  • Carry Weight– 36lbs
  • Supports– 1500lbs
  • Inflation Time– 8-10 minutes
  • Size – 9′ x 6′ (6″ thickness)
  • Extreme rigidity and buoyancy – made from the highest grade, 1.2mm drop-stitch PVC in a 6″ thickness.
  • Compact storage – about 1/4 of the size other foam mats on the market.
  • No over inflation – a built in pressure regulator monitors pressure, so over inflation is a thing of the past. This is especially important in warm weather environments where intense heat and sunlight can increase pressure quickly when pulled out of the water.
  • Universal valve – Halkey-Roberts valves allow any type of air compressor or electric pump to be used with a readily available fitting or adapter. They also self-seal, so there’s no race to close it (losing valuable air pressure.)
  • Strengthen up to 18 psi – all seams are built to withstand up to 18 psi with our unique 3-layer seam joining system, ensuring world class rigidity.
  • 8 anchoring points – placed on the side for easy access, with 2 in each corner. Overnight storage on the water is now possible by using more than 1 tie-down to prevent the wind from picking up the dock.

Package Includes:

  • (1)  Utility Dock
  • (1)  Mooring bungee (for tethering/anchoring the dock)
  • (1)  High volume, dual-action pump
  • (1)  Repair Kit
  • (1)  User manual
  • (1)  2-year comprehensive warranty