Kalamazoo Boat Storage for the Michigan Winter

Now that October is ending, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have proper boat storage set up if you live in southwestern Michigan. Why? Well, this winter is expected to be the beginning of an El Niño pattern that pushes warm air onto the west coast and causes a variety of unpredictable weather conditions. While this may mean that we experience less snow, there’s no saying what will come of it and what it means for your boat. For that reason, this year marks an especially important year to ensure your boat is properly stored for the coming cold.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing why boat storage is essential during the winter months and what we at Kooper’s Marine do to ensure your boat is kept safe.

Why Winter Boat Storage is a Necessity

With the seasonal change to winter, it’s essential for Michiganders to make sure their boats are out of the water—and soon. While other climates that experience more temperate winters allow for in-water boat storage, the same is a much less sound decision for the southwest Michigan climate. Storing your boat in-water during a freezing winter will inevitably lead to ice buildup on the vessel. At best, this means running the fool’s errand of constantly chipping away at the ice on your boat during a Michigan winter. At worst, it could mean severe damage to your boat’s systems.

Naturally, we at Kooper’s Marine highly recommend dry storing your boat on land, which does not pose these risk factors. Naturally, we offer dry storage to all boat owners in Kalamazoo and the southwestern Michigan area.

Kooper’s Marine Boat Storage

For the reasons discussed above, Kooper’s Marine is glad to provide the greater Kalamazoo area and beyond with safe, simple boat storage. Here at our facility, we offer two options for those who’d like to store with us: indoor and outdoor boat storage. For both services, we recommend winterizing your boat in advance—which we talked about in a previous blog post—and properly covering it. During the storage period, our professionals will look after your boat and make sure it rests in a safe location where the elements are highly unlikely to cause any damage to your prized vessel. Then, once the winter ends and your vessel is ready to be removed from storage, we’ll even provide any services necessary to prepare your boat for the coming summer season.

Are you interested in keeping your boat safe from the elements throughout this winter season? If so, we here at Kooper’s Marine are here to offer indoor and outdoor boat storage for the upcoming season. For more information, contact us today!